Null Money, Null Problems: Silvally in Action


Type-Null has been one of the coolest Pokemon that was announced for Pokemon Sun and Moon. With its clear emphasis in alchemy in its design, and the heavy helmet that it wears. it was clear (to me at least) that this science dog would get an evolution that would be better than the usual. Lo and behold, my expectations were confirmed when Silvally was shown off in a trailer for the game, looking just as majestic as it could.

We know a couple of things since Silvally was shown off. One is that since the helmet that Type-Null was wearing was actually holding back its true potential and speed. We also know that it has the ability RKS System, which allows it to be any type so long as it has the corresponding hold item, as well as the move Multi-Attack which changes its type based on Silvally’s current type.

Its pretty obvious that Silvally is going to get a lot of comparison to Arceus, what with basically having the same type of ability, as well as the fact that “RKS System: sounds way to obvious to be a coincidence. It would not surprise me if Silvally would have comparative stats to the God Pokemon with all that it has in common with Arceus. While I doubt that Silvally will reach the vast multitude of stats that Arceus possesses, it wouldn’t be too far fetched if it has base 100 across the board. It would keep Silvally in check with its pure counterpart, as well as still being powerful enough for the competitive metagame that we all know and love.

In terms of attacks that Silvally can learn, since it starts off as a Normal type, we can assume like almost every Normal Pokemon, it will learn a good amount of moves across the type spectrum. We also can safely assume that because of the name “Multi-Attack” that the move will hit multiple times. Since those moves are usually not great besides when the Pokemon has an Ability that makes it hit every attack, unless its a powerful move I doubt that it will have much effect in the metagame. My hope is that it will be a good utility Pokemon, like Mew in that it could hold its own either defending or attacking. Base 100 stats, while not the best, can have opponents guessing on just what type of Silvally was trained.

Honestly, I doubt that Silvally will have much use with its Ability. Unless a team needs to have a specific type tank, or if Multi-Attack  does enough damage, most people will probably slap on a Life Orb for more damage dealing. Perhaps another attack will be in the main games that will cause more damage depending on the type, but it would have been shown as such. However, if the current theory that Silvally is a clone of Arceus holds true, then it may get access to Judgement, which is quite a powerful move no matter the opponent.

While we may not have gotten all the information that we wanted from the Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo dataminig, it still allows us fans to speculate on just what Pokemon will be the cream of the crop, and that is for the best. We will know if Silvally can hold up to its potential come November, and that’s enough of a wait.


[October 20th, 2016]

About VirtualSpivey

A follower of competitive battling since the DPPt days, Spivey has had a growing interest in all things Pokemon, especially in the League format. You can find him on Twitter @VirtualSpivey, and as a writer on Hey Poor Player

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