Something in the water

by: Wutpulver

Sun and Moon have been out for a bit now, andwhile the singles Meta still has to settle, I would like to share some thoughts on some of our new toys. This time, the focus will be on Water Pokèmon. Golisopod will not appear here  but if you are interested in that particular Pokèmon, TangelaBoots will have an article about that ‘Mon soon.


is my favourite Water type of the new generation and for good reason. Its ability Water Bubble is unique and powerful but also makes it very predictable. It doubles the power of any Water attack and reduces the damage of Fire attacks against Araquanid by 50%. Most Water types would not care about the second part, but Araquanid’s secondary type (Bug) causes Fire to be neutral against it. Still, the offensive part of this ability contains most of its power. Its stats overall aren’t that great; the only exception is its SpDef base of 132. Its offensive capabilities (without Water Bubble) are quite awful. 70 base Atk doesn’t exactly sound like a wallbreaker and its SpAtk of 50 is even worse. Water Bubble is the only reason why anybody should even use it and you are probably choosing a Water move most of the time. Other coverage moves just don’t have the oomph behind them. The most common item seems to use Waterium Z right now, which, combined with Water Bubble and Liquidation, has 320 base power. Yep. 
The best format for it seems to be VGC right now. I, personally, am mainly using it with an Oranguru to set up Trick Rooms and spam Liquidation with Instruct to maul anythig in front of it. It doesn’t seem to do that well in singles because there are too many switches into it right now. One of these switches is:


Anyone who played the new OU format has seen this thing and either hated facing it or loved using it. Toxapex is one of the few Pokèmon that keep Pheromosa in check and can wall almost anything. Its absurd defenses (152 Def, 142 SpDef) are only acceptable due to its abysmal HP stat of 50. On top of that, it has the outstanding wall ability Regenerator and is immune to Toxic. Since the Burn status condition has been nerfed it is almost impossible to wear it down. The only way to get around it is by using powerful super effective moves. Every team needs to be able to deal with this Pokèmon somehow, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it got banned sometime in the future. The most common moves are Scald, Haze to stop it from becoming set up fodder, Recover and Light Screen. It is easier to deal with in the VGC format because it has no notable offensive pressure and can usually be ignored for most of the game. The only notable support move it has is Wide Guard.


Pelipper is no Generation 7 Pokèmon, but since it can now have Drizzle it is, for the first time ever, a viable Pokèmon. Being a rain setter has great synergy with its moves and is the biggest reason for rain teams to be a notable archetype again. Sadly, Mega Swampert is not available in this generation but Kingdra seems to fill its spot just fine and Mega Scizor is just as strong as ever. 
So why is Drizzle THAT amazing on Pelipper? When comparing it to Politoed, there are a few distinct advantages that Pelipper holds. For example, there is Hurricane, which is 100% accurate in rain and allows it have some sort of offensive presence. U-Turn is also great to get the rain abusers in without risk. Roost only adds to that, since recovery allows you to set the rain more often. That in itself would be enough to make it viable but it also recieved a boost to its SpAtk.

I hope you are enjoying the new generation as much as I do. Sun/Moon has really shaken things up and this wont be the last time we examined some of the newcomers. Next week I will take a look at Normal types.

[November 27th, 2016]


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